Progressive State Income Tax for Washington State


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 Resume of Eric Paulsen

Transition 2030




1966 to 1970, 1999 to 2001          University of Washington

                                                  Seattle, WA

     At the University of Washington I completed courses for a Bachelor of Science degree in mathematics. I also completed the necessary coursework for a Washington State teacher’s certificate.  In the fall of 1999 I was accepted into the U of W’s masters program.  By the winter of 2001 I had competed 41 credits towards my masters degree.


Work Experience:

Math and computer teacher

         Sep. 1984 to Sep. 1999             Tacoma School District

                                                        601 S. 8thSt. Tacoma, WA

 Sep. 1993 to Aug. 1994                     Pierce College

                                                        9401 Farwest Dr. SW, Tacoma, WA

Author of research and websites for Transition 2030

         2000 to present                             

        The Transition 2030 research project started as an Independent Study 600 class at the University of Washington in 2000.  Today the project has 1 website:

         The first website is an effort to advocate for Washington State to make up much needed revenue with a moderately progressive corporate and state income tax. 

The second website is an effort to advocate for worldwide nuclear non-proliferation. I share the websites with government leaders, philanthropists, foundations, the Governor’s office, Legislatures, and corporate leaders.